Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Is it possible to pay for BiCon 2005 by instalments rather than in one lump sum?

Instalments are fine, give us something which is immediately cashable and the balance in clearly marked post dated cheques (best write NOT BEFORE X on the back for extra visibility). Banks pay no need at all to post-datedness on cheques these days so we need to be able to identify them. Please don’t give us more than one cheque per month to cash…

Q2) In addressing the cheque does it matter how BiCon is written for example "bicon", "BICON" or does it not matter?

Cheques are case-insensitive so "bicon" will do nicely as payee as will "BICON" or even "BiCon 2005" – but not "BiCon 2008" or "BiCon 1992" for hopefully obvious reasons.

Q3) Can someone tell me about accommodation for the conference this year

Our reception desk will open from 16:00 on Thursday 25th August and BiCon officially ends at lunchtime on Monday 29th Aug. The rooms are available from the Thursday after 16:00 till Monday 18:00 when university security will be checking the vacated rooms

Q4) What is the postcode/full address for the venue so I can find driving directions….

There’s a map link care of streetmap and the postcode is WR2 6AJ for directions care of the AA, RAC Route planner or Google Maps

We’ve also given detailed directions by road on the "getting there" page of this website.

Q5) Is there web access?

Yes. Attendees can get a username/password to use on the computers around the campus, or on a WiFi-enabled computer. Note, the wireless network does not extend into the accommodation block.

Q6) Will we be able to stay on-site at BiCon for longer than the actual weekend?

The current arrangement covers four nights – Thurs/Fri/Sat and Sun, leaving by 6pm Monday. However, BiCon attendees will be able to stay on in their rooms for additional nights by booking directly with University College Worcester before or during BiCon. Additional nights will be charged at the rate of £16.45 per room per night. We’re not expecting anyone to stay for more than one extra night, but UCW are happy to deal with requests on the condition that they don’t clash with other bookings.