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Bicon 2005 sessions

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ABC of bdsm
The basics. What does it all mean? What's it all about? A…
All paths lead to Heaven
According to the Kabbalah, there are many paths that lead to the…
Alternative Sanitary Products
Information on healthier and more eco friendly sanitary products,…
amnesty and lgbt rights
Everyone has heard of Amnesty but not everyone knows how much…
Anonymous confessions
Have a secret that you just have to get off your chest? Or just…
Are your Gentials getting in the way of Intimacy?
Have you come to BiCon looking for sex, when what you're really…
Assertively Bisexual
After a short introduction about assertiveness in general the…
basic Bondage
this is a session where you will learn the basic hand, leg arm and…
being Bi in a gay and straight world
A discussion session about the issues faced by bisexuals living in…
Beyond "Assume Nothing"
Many bisexuals complain about assumptions and labels; yet we need…
Bi Stories
Coming out is often talked about at places like Bicon, but what…
Bisexual men's session
A space for bisexual men to chat with other bisexual men. This will…
Bisexual Women's Session
A space for bisexual women to chat with other bisexual women. A…
An open bodypainting session where people can experiment with…
A discussion about living the "Happy ever after" bit. How do you…
Commitment/Blessing /handfasting ceremonies
Poly and mono blessings as well as handfasting ceremonies are…
Cover Bis
A photography session for images for use as cover pictures, general…
This is primarily an entertainment workshop with an observation…
This will be a very informal session and you are invited to bring…
Everything(?) you ever wanted to know about Vodou but were afraid to ask
A brief introduction to the wonderful spiritual tradition of Vodou
Fitting and misfitting in the bi community
Ever been dissatisfied with the words "bi" and "bisexual" because…
Flirting Basics
A light-hearted session to share tips, tactics and general advice…
Float On – A bisexual float at London Pride 2006?
More and more groups seem to be having floats at London Pride. As…
Fun and Games…and More!
Take a break from adulthood to relax and make some new friends with…
Getting the sex you want
Do you know what you want, what you really really want? Do you need…
Introduction to Shamanism
What is shamanism? It obviously holds a place in some tribal…
Japanese Bondage
This is a Demonstration of a few more complex ties Variations on…
Kabbalah Readings
Kabbalah readings are with specially designed cards representing…
Holistic massage for relaxation and fun. This is for anyone who…
This will be a clothes on massage, and you will be grouped in 3s, 1…
Sex doesn't always involve two (or more) people. For most of us,…
Naturist Social
Come and have your lunch and chill out in the nude. You may wear as…
Non srugical 4skin restoration
Non surgical foreskin restoration is painless. Restoring the 4skin…
Painless Sensation Play
Repeat of session from 2004. A discussion workshop designed to…
Plenary Proposal Prep
Every BiCon has a Decision-Making Plenary. (See p28 of the BiCon…
After BiCon, we go back out into the "ordinary world". You might…
Self Harm
A place to discuss self harm in a safe environment where people…
Sharing the Clothes
A talk session for partners and cross dressers alike. When your…
Speed Dating
What's your favourite vegetable? Yes, be prepared for some possibly…
Stitch and Bitch
A chance for knitters, chrocheters, other yarn crafters and…
Strap-on play
Strap-on play can be a wonderful power game involving role…
Student Bisexuals
Are you part of a student LGBT society that looks more like an LG…
The Five Love Languages
People express and receive love in different ways. Dr. Gary…
Trans Awareness – Exporing A Colourful History
Transgender, Transssexual, Transvestite, Cross-Dresser, Drag Queen,…
We will be doing some very simple routines which should help calm…


All checked sessions

Any old Tat
Fun session, where people show their Tattoo's and maybe design tattoos, with a temporary tattoo making kit. Also opportunity for those who are interested in getting a tattoo to chat to people who have them about advice and guidance.

Bi Academic presentations
Brief overview of some of the work done by BRG Members, plus maybe an up to date reading list.

Bi Erotic writing workshop
Brief discussion on what is Bi Erotic writing, then practical aspects of writing short stories, ie aspects of writing narrative, plot etc and issues related to the writing of erotica per se.

Bi Erotic writing workshop
Brief discussion on what is Bi Erotic writing, then practical aspects of writing short stories, ie aspects of writing narrative, plot etc and issues related to the writing of erotica per se.

Bi Jukebox I
Fun session, to discuss songs which may be bi related, or popular with Bi's ie Blur – Boys and Girls etc bring CD's

Bi Jukebox II – 'Hey DJ I can’t dance to that'
Fun Session where participants learn basic DJ skills, how the equipment works, and have a go at DJing, bring a couple of CD's or Vinyl depending on equipment at BiCon.

Bi Mens/Womens Group discussion
Discussion Group for Bi Men/Women, to discuss issues related to Men/Women and Bisexuality. Men/Women only session. (two sessions)

Bi Research Group
Meeting of Bi Research Group, planning meeting to discuss the group and it’s schedule for the next year, plans etc.

Bi T-Shirts
Fun Session. Bring your Bi-T-Shirts along, also design a B-T-Shirt, designs could be displayed on the wall for people to see at BiCon and maybe with a competition, with the winner having their design made into a T-Shirt.

BiCon 2004 Survey
Presentation of some of the results and a discussion of some of the findings, and proposed further work.

Bisexuality and Monogamy
Opportunity for Bi's and partners to discuss issues around Monogomy and Bisexuality.

Bisexuality and the Law
* Update of recent legal changes in the UK and EU. * What the law states and how it may apply to different types of Bisexuals. * How the changes may be used by Bi's to test case legal constraints.

Bisexuality goes to the movies
Discussion and compiling of a list of Bisexual related films, or Films with Bi Characters.

Coming out in later life.
Discussion Group for those who are coming out later on in life. Over 30's only.

Contact Ads game
A repeat of the ever popular game played at many previous BiCons. I suggest this as I've run it all the other times and I'm not doing it this year but the 'formula' is available for anyone else who wants to run it – mail me for info if you like at deleted

Dancing Lesson
Description One or two experienced dance teachers to teach a particular type/types of dance to the group e.g. jive lesson for 50's part of Time Travelers' ball.

Everything(?)you ever wanted to know about Vodou(Voodoo)but were afraid to ask…
A brief practical introduction to the wonderful and spiritually empowering tradition of Vodou

I've heard there was a very good flirting workshop a couple of years ago, before I started coming. Could it be run again? (I'm looking forward to it as well – Topbit)

Future BiCons – Volunteering
BiCon is run by a group of volunteers each year. Getting involved in volunteering to being part of an organising team, can provide an opportunity to learn new skills as well as contributing something back to the Bi Community. The idea of this session, is for current and past BiCon organisers to provide an outline of the organisational models used for BiCon, providing an outline of team members and what their jobs involved, and to provide an opportunity to ask questions about what is involved in running a BiCon. The session should also include an opprtunity fo those who have not been involved with running a BiCon before an opportunity to register as a potential future volunteer, and also a way to forge future teams to announce bids for 2007, 2008 etc and a way to dicsuss future training opportunites.

Learn a dance routine for fun
I'd like someone to make up an extremely easy peasy dance routine (the same sort of level as the ones for the Macarena and Whigfield's Saturday Night) and offer this as an open-to-anyone session, possibly to run in an evening slot and lead directly onto the dance floor afterwards 🙂

Local Groups For Local Bisexuals
Based on the 2003 Bi Community News article on starting up a local bi social / support group in your area – and keeping it going and growing. Whether you're thinking it would be good to have a local bi group in your area, or are an old hand willing to share good ideas and advice, come along and help grow the network of local bi groups around the UK.

Love Counts More than Gender Panel debate.
A panel debate to discuss wether 'Love Counts more than gender' Those for and against.

Married Bisexuals
Opportunity for Bi's and Partners who are Married to meet others who are Married to discuss issues affecting their relationship, and share expreiences etc

Non-Bi Partners of Bisexuals
Opportunity for non-Bi partners to discuss issues related to being in relationships with Bisexuals.

There don't seem to be any poly workshops offered yet. There were a few good ones last year.

Reclaiming Bisexual History
A facilitated discussion inviting contributions on the impact and presence of Bi-sexuality in history. Who are the celebrated bisexuals and why has their sexuality been written out of history. what impact did their bisexuality have on thier lives and the lives of others. We need icons from the past to help others to feel proud to be Bi

Survivors Forum
A space for survivors of sexual abuse to meet and optionally share stories. BiCon can be an emotional upheaval, this will be a chance to find grounding.

Trip to local swimming pool

The Angry Eye and Queer History Quiz
A question to the organisers would anyone wish to have a chance to see the video "The Angry Eye" Its a 52 minute equality video I saw at PCS Proud seminar in 2004. Its not specificly bi-orientated as it deals with how racial minorities are treated on a day to day basis. Its set in a closed group session of American students , who from registrationare singled out (unknowingly ) into two groups. The put upon power controlled and those who are in power.Any way may be too political or just raise too many painful thoughts for some people.It is very heavy on emotional content from the viewer. Or just not suitable for BICON. Anyway thought I would mention it . As I may be able to borrow a copy from PCS. Oh also have a 30 question Queer History Quiz if anyone is interested . And a copy of OurStory booklet form PCS Proud: events and people who have shaped the LGBT community BUT it doesnt seem to quote bi-story in the main items or its bibliography .Wonder why unless I dont know the famous bis from the gays / lesbians ?Anyone like a read at BICON or now ?

The Politics of Bisexuality
Two possible sessions i. ) Re-run of W(h)ither Bisexuality ii.) Re-run of Helens analysis from the activist weekend.

Vampires and Bisexuality
Maybe a re-run of Kerry's popular session from 2000.