BiCon Sessions – tell us your ideas

Workshop sessions at Bicon are usually nearly all run by volunteer participants, so we don’t know yet what goodies will be on offer this time. But topics usually include aspects of bisexuality (no surprise there), bi/queer politics, polyamory, BDSM and gender, plus things like massage, juggling, flirting, games and body-painting.

Anyone can offer to run something, although it’s generally considered preferable if you’ve been to Bicon before so you know the kind of flavour it has.

We’ve written a web interface here where you can input your session-running offers direct to a database, and view a list of what other people have offered so far.

There will also be a section for making requests of workshops you’d like to go to but don’t want to run.

Now is the time to get thinking about what you might like to run, or what you might like to go to.

(Picnics, socials etc. can also be offered as part of this system. But this won’t be the page for offering ents such as DJ-ing or performance. For that, please just email the team.)