More session information – this time, ideas

Five weeks left, and we are looking at putting the sessions together, but still time for you to volunteer your services. To help out, here’s some ideas, picked from the list at

Bisexuality goes to the movies

Discussion and compiling of a list of Bisexual related films, or Films with Bi Characters.
– Don’t forget, we’re also planning a film spot for the evenings, and are looking for suggestions of what you want to see – add your comments/suggestions


I’ve heard there was a very good flirting workshop a couple of years ago, before I started coming. Could it be run again? _(I’m looking forward to it as well – Topbit)_
– such a session has been thought of – but it’s not online in the database – consider this a prod to do so! (prod recieved! the Flirting workshop will be running.)

Bi Erotic writing workshop

Brief discussion on what is Bi Erotic writing, then practical aspects of writing short stories, ie aspects of writing narrative, plot etc and issues related to the writing of erotica per se.
– Is there a writer in the house? Or, is there a writer that doesn’t do HP Slash? OK, you can come too.

Bi Jukebox II – 'Hey DJ I can’t dance to that’

Fun Session where participants learn basic DJ skills, how the equipment works, and have a go at DJing, bring a couple of CD’s or Vinyl depending on equipment at BiCon.
Learn a dance routine for fun

I’d like someone to make up an extremely easy peasy dance routine (the same sort of level as the ones for the Macarena and Whigfield’s Saturday Night) and offer this as an open-to-anyone session, possibly to run in an evening slot and lead directly onto the dance floor afterwards 🙂
– how about running the DJ workshop at the same time? Just put Saturday Night on repeat 15 times!

Dancing Lesson

One or two experienced dance teachers to teach a particular type/types of dance to the group e.g. jive lesson for 50’s part of Time Travelers’ ball.
– That Latin beat of the Salsa, or Macarana!

Bi T-Shirts

Fun Session. Bring your Bi-T-Shirts along, also design a B-T-Shirt, designs could be displayed on the wall for people to see at BiCon and maybe with a competition, with the winner having their design made into a T-Shirt.

Bi Academic presentations

Brief overview of some of the work done by BRG Members, plus maybe an up to date reading list.

Coming out in later life.

Discussion Group for those who are coming out later on in life. Over 30’s only.

Love Counts More than Gender Panel debate.

A panel debate to discuss whether ‘Love Counts more than gender’ Those for and against.
– There was quite a discussion when this year’s slogan was announced – care to continue it?

Any old Tat

Fun session, where people show their Tattoo’s and maybe design tattoos, with a temporary tattoo making kit. Also opportunity for those who are interested in getting a tattoo to chat to people who have them about advice and guidance.

There’s more on the website but don’t let that limit you – Add what you would like to do, and then you’ve got more than a month to plan it!