Evening Ents

It’s been a long time coming, we know! And some of this year’s plans are still to be finalised, but here are a few key elements:

Friday night will include a disco. If you’d like to contribute to the music, bring your favourite dance track on CD. If possible, copy this onto a separate CD, both for ease of playing & so that we can’t accidentally lose your original. There will probably be some kind of voting system to decide what gets played. It’s not the "DIY Disco" from previous years, but a variant thereof, & we hope you’ll like what we’ve come up with!

Saturday night will have the Time Travellers’ Ball, with music from the 1920s to the 1990s. Fancy dress is optional: possibe themes include any time in the past or future, or your favourite Dr Who character or monster.

Sunday night will have karaoke, and assorted other entertainment. Would you like a five or ten minute slot to do something? If so, let us know, email deleted. Or, if you’re already at BiCon, ask at BiCon reception.

If we can, we’ll put up a full list of available karaoke songs here beforehand.

Please be aware that all of the above ents will be staged in the Students’ Union building. Due to licensing restrictions security staff will be operating a strict "no U18s" policy. No smoking will be permitted anywhere in the building.

Bar opening times:
Thursday: 1800-2230
Friday: 1800-(0100 tbc)
Saturday: 1800-(0100 tbc)
Sunday: 1800-2230.

Alcohol-free evening space

We will also be providing quiet evening space in the main block, separate from the Students’ Union. Coffee & soft drinks will be available in the Staff Common Room, which will be reserved on Saturday & Sunday for our exclusive use. We also intend to use the area above BiCon reception for quiet conversation and/or board games.

This year, for the first time, we are scheduling a few workshop sessions in the evenings. These will not be "heavy discussions" but chosen to provide an alternative interest for those people who don’t necessarily wish to spend all evening in the bar. So if you have any ideas for low-key sessions to run in the evenings, let us know on the "sessions" page of this website.

As with everything at BiCon, none of the above is compulsory! Plenty of people either wander into town in the evenings, or just sit around in the quad (weather permitting) catching up with old friends & making new ones.