It's over

It’s been a very successful long weekend, but to all things there must be an ending. This isn’t it for Bicon, just for Bicon2005. We’ll see you in Glasgow next year, or hopefully for events around the country such as BiFest or other such events. Look out for the team and be sure to say hi (hugs also accepted).

Before I completely collapse with lack of sleep, I’ll just add to keep looking out on the site, and the LJ Bicon community for further updates for post-event information on how it went, and some follow-ups to various sessions. If you have information you’d like us to post here, then drop me an email

Lost Property

While clearing up the venue at the end of BiCon we found various items, including clothing and a chequebook. Please contact email deleted if you’ve lost anything. Likewise if, when arriving home, you find that you’ve accidentally packed something which isn’t yours, let us know & we’ll do our best to reunite the items with their owners.