Information booklet available as PDF

People who have booked in advance for BiCon will be receiving an "Information booklet" before BiCon. We intend to post these out around 16 or 17 August, along with travel information and some other useful stuff.

However, if you aren’t booking in advance, or you want to see a copy before it arrives in the post, you may like to download the booklet from here as a PDF file.

The booklet includes practical info about the campus, the local area and the accommodation, an outline timetable, some background on BiCon, a few suggestions of things to bring and a section called "Find your BiCon feet".

If you just want to read it on screen, you’ll want the simple version where the pages appear in order of reading. This is 32 pages of A5, 234kb.

If you want to print it out and actually make it up into a booklet, you’re best off getting the following two files, which put the pages in a different order ready for folding and stapling:
Side A, 174kb
Side B, 163kb

(To make the booklet using those two files, you will need 8 pieces of A4 paper.

  • Run all 8 pieces through your printer once, printing the "Side A" file.
  • Flip each piece along the short edge and run them through again in the same order, printing "Side B" to give the second side of each sheet.
  • The pages are numbered so you can see which way to fold the pages and put them together as a booklet.)

Either way, you will need a program which can read PDF files, of which the best known free one is Acrobat Reader.

The printed booklet also has a cover, not included here (mainly because it includes graphics and would be an enormous PDF). However, you may want to download the two maps which in the printed version appear (though not in colour there!) on the inside covers.
campus map in colour as PNG, 389kb
local map as PNG, 76kb
local map as PDF, 264kb

Happy reading!

(in charge of welcoming strategies for BiCon 2005)